A collaboration picture book of an original story written by Yuzuru Hanyu and illustrations by “CLAMP” will be released!

A new gift born from “GIFT”, the first ever solo skater performance at Tokyo Dome.

A special "picture book" combining the words written by Yuzuru Hanyu and CLAMP's illustrations will be released! This picture book can enjoy a new world different from the "GIFT" performance.
While Yuzuru Hanyu was searching for ways to express his own stories not only through skating but also in the world of picture books, Hanyu offered CLAMP to create illustrations.
It is a work that you can feel a different view of the world from the performance at Tokyo Dome. Through this work, I would like many people to feel a different perspective of "GIFT" and enjoy it.

[Comment from Yuzuru Hanyu]
This time, I have created the story of GIFT with various images. In that image, there is also a picture book story "GIFT", and I wanted to embody that image in "CLAMP".

[CLAMP comment]
We were really surprised when we received this consultation. We would like to help deliver to everyone another "picture book called GIFT" conceived by Mr. Hanyu, which is different from the unprecedented "GIFT" performance.

Detailed information will be sent from the official SNS and special newspapers sold at the venue in the future. Please look forward to it!